1.       Did you know that the ash from charcoal briquettes when mixed with water causes a chemical reaction that rusts metal! Empty your BBQ of all ash after use, so it will be safe after the rain comes. (Now I know why the bottoms’ are rusted out of all the BBQ’s)  

2.     Fresh cut lemons dipped in coarse salt clean copper. Just rinse and dry after rubbing it over the copper. (cheaper, faster, easier, less caustic too)

3.     Many plants can be propagated from cuttings, giving you many plans for the price of one. (Be sure to share with a friend)

4.     Pinching back new growth on a plant helps it to become bushier and less leggy. Most vines will fork; giving 2 instead of one trail, keep nipping the possibilities are endless. (try to propagate and share with a friend)

5.     Leaves of tomatoes’ are poisonous (night shade family) they can kill a human or a pet.

6.     Pruning a rose to the 5 leaf juncture will help another rose to bloom after one has faded

7.     A bucket of coarse sand and oil (motor or mineral) is a great idea for keeping garden tools clean oiled and rust free. Brush off dirt and dip the tool in the bucket of sand a few times before putting away.

8.     Try and water plants in the am, if you must water later, keep leaves dry as the sun will magnify any drops and burn leaves. Evening watering can lead to pests and fungus. Most blooms like to keep dry too.

9.     Always measure twice and cut once!

10.   If you can, try to handle a piece of paper one time, pay the bills as soon as you get them instead of letting them pile up.

11.    The Most successful people get up at 5am having most of their work done by the time you get up. Try it and see how much more you get done in a day. (plus it is quiet and you can really focus)

12.   Never lend anything that you would not give away. (more than the item may come back damaged)

13.  If your gonna worry don’t pray, and if your gonna pray don’t worry.

14. Easy way to clean copper. Spread Ketchup over the copper and let sit for a few mins. Wipe off with paper towel, wash & dry. So fast & easy!! The natural acid in the tomatoes do all the work.


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