nyc token

Ah! My NYC how I LOVE YA!



pig wall

Wall Art

wall for rent

Looking for $$

operating theater

 would not want to be here in 1891…..would you??

Fun with NYC Roof Tops

nice big house on roof top

build a house…

Dove cote on roof top

or a dove cote….

Gone but not forgotten……

2nd Ave Deli

The famous 2nd Ave Deli….

A Salt & Battery

Second Ave will never be the same….

The Feast of San Martin De Porres

San Martin de Porres 

May 6th 2007

San Martin de Porres

on E 11th Street

San Martin de Porres

Bastile Day July 07

make your own shade

make your shade where you can……

Sign Painters on Park Ave.

Sign painters

Some at work some at rest.

SIgn Painters

23rd Street & the East River

Yes this is still in Manhattan!

The Gates in CP 2005

The Gates Central Park Winter 2005Locked up execise bike

Exercise bike locked up to sign post

my balcony

In NYC we use our fire escapes for everything…not too much space inside, plus everyone wants a balcony to read the Sunday Times with their morinin’ coffee.

fun on the fire escape

Some people just have fun decorating…..Last Man on Earth

Does anyone remember our NYC Blizzard of winter(2006)?

I LOVE this shot! ” Last Man on Earth” is on the corner of 6th Ave and 23rd Street.

But In Summer Time…….

9th Ave Food Fest!! Yummie!!

9Th Ave Food Fest


Free advice

But even when helpful people are not around………

 I still LOVE my NYC

winter 2005



  1. me too! those are great shots!

  2. Carol said,

    Thanks Claudia!
    Keep coming back….there will be more!

  3. Judy said,

    Great site. Thanks to Claudia’s dad for passing it on.

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