Getting Organized

Don’t Let this Happen to you!!

Being Organized Saves You TIME!

A Plan For Life

Color Coded Storage Bins

o Laundry

o      Kitchen

o   Bath

o      Pets

o      Cleaning Products 

Daily flow chart

o      Sunday thru Saturday, scheduled by hours 

Color Code for Daily Schedule

o      Work

o      Sleep

o      Daily maintenance (pets, dishes)

o      Exercise time

o      Daily cleaning (bathroom, kitchen) o   Reading, meditationo      Social events 

Plan of Attack

Phase One

Sorting and Inventory

Sorting into 3 Groups:

1.      PUT AWAY 2.    GIVE AWAY3.    THROW AWAY


1.      Assess what is staying

2.    Find a home for what stays, that fits it’s usage

3.  Measure for any new storage containers

Phase Two


1.  Get any new storage containers,

       (ones that fit both your space & needs!)

2. Calendar for daily schedule,

3.    All other necessities, lable maker, color highlighters

Phase Three

Filling your New Storage Units

1.      Put things in their new homes

2.    Put Color Coding/Labeling into effect

3.    Address any new issues

Phase Four

1.      Fine tune all areas

2.    Address any new issues

3.    Graduate! 

Enjoy Your New Organized New Life! 


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