April 15, 2007

Fun, Exciting and Unusual Sights

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There were so many fun, exciting and unusual sights, it is really hard to show them all. Plus can you believe it; I ran out of memory for my digital camera….never again! I am off to B&H to buy more!!!

 Big Mortadella

This is the largest Mortadella that I have ever seen; just one slice would make 2 sandwiches.

This guy was so skilled with a knife, he sliced it so thin!

Foto booth

We thought that it would be so fun to have our picture taken in this curbside photo booth.

It looked so innocent from the outside…looks can be deceiving though, as our noses soon found out! You can only imagine how the picture turned out, we laughed so loud and hard, we turned many heads.

4 turtle fountain

This was a great fountain with a great story. It is the fountain of the four turtles, and here is its story. Once upon a time, a beautiful woman lived across this square. On the other side of the square lived a young man who wanted to marry this young woman. The young woman’s mother did not like this young man for her daughter (he was a gambler!).  To sway the young woman’s heart he had this fountain constructed overnight, so that when she awoke she would see it from her bedroom window. She did, it worked and she married him. Now here is the twist, later she realized her mother was right; he was not the right man for her. She divorced him, moved home & bricked up her windows so as to never look upon the fountain again! You can still see the bricked up windows!!

Four Turtle Fountain Poster



April 14, 2007

Step back in Time

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Small streets and fast cars

I now know why the cars are so small!

What a Door

just look at theses doors!

The Tram

Step back in time…

Romantic Transportation

You really feel like you have gone back in time. The colors are so beautifully faded

April 13, 2007

Travel Lessons

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Me & a Vespa

You learn a lot when you are traveling. About yourself, your traveling companions, the place you are traveling in, the people who live there, as well as the other people who like to travel there, and yes, about travel itself. Yes, my recent trip was chocked full of such lessons. I hope that I have learned well from each and every lesson, and that the knowledge learned will be stored forever in my memory banks…to be pulled out at the appropriate time when needed in the future.  The first of my (hard learned) lessons is to bring at least one change of clothes with you on the plane as carry on! Then the worries of lost luggage are for the moment, not so hard to take.Another lesson is Holidays; whose holiday is it, when and what do they do to observe/celebrate it. Is the whole country on holiday as well? Does this play some religious importance as well?  Research and do some homework before, it will pay off. Did you know that the Monday following Easter is ‘Little Easter’ and also observed as a holiday in Italy? I do now.I am not a big fan of large crowds; you will never find me at Time Square on New Years Eve. The streets of Rome during Easter week were just a sea of people! Some of the major downtown streets were closed to traffic to allow the mass of people some free space to walk. It had a very carnival feel, and the weather was perfect! The temps were in the upper 60s.geppetto

Walking through the Borghese Gardens was breathtaking, the spring blooms on the trees and the sculptures everywhere. Watching the Romans at play and rest in the park was great fun; from the teens playing football (soccer), the sun worshipers, the young lovers kissing, older people reading on the benches, to the family asleep on a large air mattress in the shade. Vendors dot the scenery selling everything from sunglasses to gelato to balloons. We began all of our walking jaunts starting in the gardens.The famous sights were just packed with people.

 The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain was 30 people deep! We did make it to the fountain by going around to the left hand corner and tossed our coins. The PantheonThe Pantheon

The Pantheon was actually open to the public; they were having Easter Sunday mass there the following day. It is very impressive; the red marble there is the rarest in the world!

 Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps were celebrating April with a gorgeous blanket of azaleas in large terracotta pots. They were also covered with tourist, which made it tricky maneuvering down them with out stepping on any fingers.

The Ivy House

I must say that I do want to go back to Rome again! Yes, yes, yes I did truly love it there! Equipped with my newly learned lessons and some tried and true old ones in my bag I will be set. There is still so much more to learn and explore! It is so large and lovely the short time that I did have to explore was just a drop in the bucket! I will check the calendar for any holidays that are coming up and miss them completely! Try not to go when there is a crush of people, and of course pack a change of clothes in my carry on!Arriva derche Roma…..I’ll be back!!!

April 11, 2007


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Tree at Borghese Gardens

I’m Back!!!

What can I say, except that
Rome is soooo beautiful!!

Just a pure delight to all your senses!

Your mind just reels at all the sights! The grandeur, the beauty, the age, the obvious love of life that has endured for centuries, this is what Rome said to me.

Many deep felt thank yous to my gracious hostess Sheilagh (who moved to Rome in ’06), who was kind enough to allow me to stay at her beautiful apartment, as well as serve as tour guide plus interpreter.  Thank goodness for her expertise in the native tongue! It came in so handy w/ Alitalia who lost my luggage; I did finally get it back…20 hours before I left to come back to the USA! (They will be getting a letter from me!)

As I decompress and get back to normal a floodgate of memories will come back to me, and of course I will share! I must admit that seeing the NYC skyline did fill me with a warm sense of its good to be home! My Garden here is calling my name, not to mention all the phone messages, etc.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you!

Ciao for now!

April 2, 2007

The Big Day!

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map of italy

Well here it is the big day!

Off to Rome later today…. I still have some packing to do and some things to buy for my friends living in Rome. I hope to find some computer access in Rome so that I can keep you up to date on my doings. Yes, I promise to take LOTS & LOTS of pictures. While I am gone…poke around my blog there is lots to see, and some great food to make and enjoy! Be well while I am gone and leave a comment or two for me!

Ciao for now……

March 29, 2007


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Roman garden

Off to Rome!!!  Yes it is true!

Off to the lovely city of Rome, Italy!

I leave on the 2nd of April and will be gone till the 11!

You know I will be taking LOTS of pictures. Please come back to look for them. I will be paying special attention to the gardens. Looking for inspiration for our Garden (we have big plans for our small footprint of mother earth). That’s not to say that I do not have a whole lot of Ideas already, as you will see. I must say that after a very hectic few months R & R is well needed and deserved, if I must say so myself. Can you think of a better place to go? Can you? Lets start a list…