October 15, 2007

500 years of Woman in Art

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This is just the coolest video!


I know you will!

; )

But wait there is more…..

Woman in Film

thank you eggman913 for your great work!


July 15, 2007

Koi ponds of the LES, NYC

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This Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of going on the Green Thumb Koi Extravaganza!  

Koi Pond

It was a walking tour of some of the Community Gardens on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that have Koi Ponds. They were beautiful!

Small pond

We started our tour at the 6BC garden. I just Love this Garden!


It is such a jewel tucked away on 6th street between Aves B & C.


You really forget you are in the city when you step into this garden.

Small building

The 2 floor freestanding building is such a charmer, with vines reaching for the roof, which has solar collector panels on it that power the waterfall in the Koi Pond.

2 story building

A big thank you goes out to Cary who spoke for his garden, you guys do amazing work!

Our next stop was 6th and Ave B Garden, this garden was made famous with its large towering sculpture.


This was on the opening shots of NYPD Blues TV series.

This garden also boasts a large performance stage.


William gave us the lowdown on their Koi pond, thank you for all the great info.

the Koi pond

Our last garden was on 8th St between Aves C & D.

This garden had the largest of all the Koi ponds we saw that day as well as the oldest it is 20yrs old!

 Koi pond falls

They also have some lovely structures’.


 Thank you to Jan, Jim & Asami for their wealth of info on Koi & pond care.


I had such a great morning, hope you enjoy the photos!

July 11, 2007

garden in the dark…..

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Well I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but here in NYC it has been brutal! So HOT and so HUMID that the heat index is around 105*!!!! YIKES!!! The kind of weather that makes you sweat while you stand still.

Due to this present climate change, I have been saving my garden chores till later in the day.

Grape tomatoes

My grape tomato plant is out of control! Small clusters of baby tomatoes are erupting all over this plant. They needed to be staked better with some support for all this bounty.

Grape tomatoes 

Here are some photos of the garden in twilight

Bird House


June 25, 2007

A Visit to the Flea Market

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boxes of stuffoverviewbooth

My good friend Claudia thought that I needed some time away from the gardens and decided to take me to the Flea Market. Sadly these have been downsized greatly.

The 6th Avenue Flea Market was world famous.

Now there are new high-rise luxury apartments where the main 3 spots were.

New Yorkers never say die though…a few have sprouted in the shadows of the skyscrapers, and seem here to stay, for now.

truck of chairsa lions headbeads

There is such a cornucopia of goods, and not so good, to be had for all.

shoesties anyone?

After all the running around it was time for a break!

Pad Thai & Thai Basil Lemondide

Hope that you will enjoy the sample of views….

June 14, 2007

Marrakech Majorelle Gardens

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Marrakech Majorelle Gardens

Inspired by a comment about Marrakech, I decided to let my fingers take me around the world to see what grows there. It is just so beautiful!

See so yourself.

April 18, 2007

The World Has Gone Mad!!!!

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I just do not know what to say of the events of the last few days, except to say the world has gone mad! What has happened to us all??? My personal defense mechanism will not let my mind dwell on these horrific thoughts and images. Let’s go away from the dark side…. I offer some other pleasant views to fill our minds with, come on in the waters fine…

nice beach shotsea life pressedfresh produceGramercy ParkOld Train car in PA

hope that you enjoyed this time out, I know i did.