July 27, 2007

dog days of summer….

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Dog Days of summer

Whew! Those triple H’s can really kick your butt!

This is the time of summer when I just want to bury my head into a good book with a glass of homemade lemonade, the ice tinkling ever so as it melts. Peeking up from the pages to look off the porch or out the window every now and again to see the butterflies & Bees dancing in the air around the flowers….ah

walk along the east river

It is a little different than that dream here in the city, but we can still see all kinds of views when we gaze out our window.

George Washington at USP

Or if we choose the shade of a park or garden we can still catch the views of butterflies and the like. butterflies

One landed on my shoulder today!!


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  1. yes because you are a magical being who draws love to you!

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