June 24, 2007

Some of my friends in the Garden….

Posted in Garden, summertime at 11:38 pm by carol

yellow purp pansypurple & white pansypink & purple pansyperiwinkel pansypale pansy


Their faces always make me smile

2 tone calidumred vein calidumred and green calidumspotted calidumbig red calidum


I am just in awe of the colors these leaves have

spiral leaf begoniapeach begoniapink begoniarose begonia


There are so many varieties in this glorious family

1 hydrangea openspart bloom hydrengeapink hydrengeapurp hydrengea3 hydrengeas


How can anyone resist this flower with a thousand flowers in it?

I so love to start my day tending to my friends, watching them grow.



  1. i love that you see their faces! i hate that you’re away from protecting them!

  2. carol herlihy said,

    fear not my dear Claudia, I was with them today!
    I was staking up the tomatoes & watering the pansies.

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