June 11, 2007

To toil in the soil….

Posted in Before & Afters, Garden at 1:07 am by carol

How lucky am I? I went from no gardens to 7! One is our Community Garden of course. It was established when we came upon it. The old members were slow to release any space to the newbie’s. They had been through a lot, with the new construction and loss of some old plots. Getting the old members together to discuss the new plot assignment seemed like a lifetime to a gardener…my tomato was waiting for a plot… sitting in a small plastic container. The end of May we got word what was ours to share, between 10 new gardeners (well it is Manhattan). After discussing it with the majority of the new gardeners, I did some landscaping (with what we have).

 our first viewsecond view

we find out it’s oursa little work

We had decided that terraced or stepped bed would serve us best. So far we have a tomato, basil, jalapeno pepper, Echinacea, assorted flowers, a bleeding heart, and I am hoping a yellow rose & hydrangea.  

Claudia, Niko & Al do some planting 

It is the journey you know…



  1. Garden 8? I do so need help with my garden in Marrakech. ~sigh.

  2. carol herlihy said,

    Ah….Marrakech sounds so exciting and exotic…
    I would love to help! What would you like? Let me know!
    Gardens 9, 10 & 11 where are you! The more the merrier!

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