June 10, 2007

Ah, Nature the greatest of all Seductresses!

Posted in Before & Afters, Garden at 1:56 am by carol


I so love Mother Nature and all her glorious colors! I cannot believe that it has been a month since I have blogged! I have been busy as you will see. I have been gardening, 7 separate ones to be exact. I have started then all from scratch this year. Turning the soil and fortifying it with some nice rich compost, top soil, food and mulch. As many gardeners know, now it is off to the races! I must confess, when it comes to plants and flowers…I am a total shop-aholic! I just cannot control myself.

 big red vein

I will spend my last dollar on some plant that I simply must have, right then and there! The worst/best part of this is that it happens all season long! I will buy till the frost….mums are great then, such a burst of color! So here I am in the beginning of my favorite dance. Off to the various nurseries and farmers markets looking for that special plant, you know the one that is calling you by name.


‘pssst carol, hey look over here….here I am….wouldn’t I look great in that empty corner…or over by that lattice?’ next thing ya know you are carrying it off with a lighter pocket and a smile on your face… But wait there’s more… the joy of actually working the soil, if can remember I do put my gloves on but sometimes…I just cannot wait even that long and I dig right in to the soil bare handed! planters

Ahhh gardening, it is a great way to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.


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