May 5, 2007

Plant Pick Up

Posted in Garden at 2:27 am by carol

the 4 of us

Well here we go….

Off to beautiful Bed Sty Brooklyn on a gorgeous spring morning to pick up our plants!

A big thank you goes out to our steady helpers; Al, Claudia, Tony & of course myself.

We got there at 10am the opening time and can you believe it there were already gardeners there picking out their plants. Well as they say the early bird catches the worm!

It was like an Easter Egg Hunt! There were so many to choose from. Which one had 3 sprouts instead of 1 or 2? You get the picture. Some of my companions got what they call in the country  ‘Bushel Fever”! When you see so many things available, you just want to take them all, or as many as you possibly can. It was easy for me to identify the symptoms, as I had suffered from the same thing years earlier. It was when I lived in New Paltz, NY. It was October we were raiding the most since pumpkin patch @ midnight; I saw fields & fields of pumpkins. I wanted them all it seemed, or at least a lot. I had sand bags that I was filling, while trying to drag them all to the get-away van my cohorts laughed and laughed at my ‘bushel fever’. I learned my lesson.

Well when we got them back to the garden for sorting pricing and selling, it was like Christmas had come early to the gardeners. They wanted to keep them all! I tried to explain that we did not need 500 basil plants, but then I just laughed, bushel fever is contagious it seems.

We sorted things out and we will be selling some of the plants.

We will be selling on E 11th street between 2nd /3rd Aves in Manhattan all day this

Saturday May 5th between 10am till @ 6pm or however long the plants last.

Please feel free to come out and support our community garden!

our sign with flats

Tony’s van full of flowersTony with some flatsImpatients


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