April 30, 2007

Compost Drop!

Posted in Garden at 3:07 pm by carol

Tony vs. the Compost pileAl & Claudia vs the compostMe and a pile of compost

Yes we got a truck load of the gardener’s gold, compost. It was dropped on our curb Friday am in the pouring rain! I would like to thank all of the dedicated gardeners who came, saw and conquered the mountain that was there; Tony, Al, D’arcy, Claudia, Chris, Vinny, Rochelle and of course I was there too. It was hard to tell where the rain stopped and the sweat started. I must say that we all pulled together as a team, and before sundown the street and sidewalk were hosed clean.

We are moving right along at the Garden, we got a late start (with the new construction going on in the next lot) but we will be the best we can be. I have lots of Ideas for the garden and am working on some new plans, we need a butterfly garden (don’t we all?) so I have some great plot plans for such, I will post them here for you too, start yours today!

Here butterfly, here butterfly…

small herb garden for butterflies

larger butterfly gardenHummingbird Garden

Green roof on Dove Cote 

A Greenroof Tool Shed


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