April 17, 2007

A Few New Challenges

Posted in Before & Afters, organized at 2:33 pm by carol

Here are 2 new challenges for me this week.

This first one is a lovely couple in their late 80s. They had 3 apartments and consolidated them into one 1 bedroom apt here in NYC. They neglected to weed things out before they brought them all into this one bedroom. The Mrs. has more clothes (she could change her outfit 10 times a day and still not wear everything she owns!) than anyone I know! She has no less than 12 wardrobe boxes of party dresses from the
Florida apt. There are hundreds of boxes in this apt, which make small goat paths to get around. It reminds me of the Collier brothers (anyone remember them?). I so worry that a wall of boxes will fall on them and crush them! I will be looking for consignment shops to put some of these beauties on sale (any help here would be greatly appreciated!) This has to be one of my largest undertakings ever.

 Boxes everywhereBoxes everywherethe bedroom

The other is an overwhelmed, overworked woman. She has good intentions but no time to follow through with her ideas. Exhausted at night, she can only fall asleep and dream of what her place could and should be. We will change that into reality ASAP!

the living dining room

the bedroomthe desk

Come along for the ride and enjoy the adventure. One promises to be a true archeological dig, and I am sure there will be lots of gems to be discovered.


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