April 15, 2007

Fun, Exciting and Unusual Sights

Posted in Rome at 1:20 am by carol

There were so many fun, exciting and unusual sights, it is really hard to show them all. Plus can you believe it; I ran out of memory for my digital camera….never again! I am off to B&H to buy more!!!

 Big Mortadella

This is the largest Mortadella that I have ever seen; just one slice would make 2 sandwiches.

This guy was so skilled with a knife, he sliced it so thin!

Foto booth

We thought that it would be so fun to have our picture taken in this curbside photo booth.

It looked so innocent from the outside…looks can be deceiving though, as our noses soon found out! You can only imagine how the picture turned out, we laughed so loud and hard, we turned many heads.

4 turtle fountain

This was a great fountain with a great story. It is the fountain of the four turtles, and here is its story. Once upon a time, a beautiful woman lived across this square. On the other side of the square lived a young man who wanted to marry this young woman. The young woman’s mother did not like this young man for her daughter (he was a gambler!).  To sway the young woman’s heart he had this fountain constructed overnight, so that when she awoke she would see it from her bedroom window. She did, it worked and she married him. Now here is the twist, later she realized her mother was right; he was not the right man for her. She divorced him, moved home & bricked up her windows so as to never look upon the fountain again! You can still see the bricked up windows!!

Four Turtle Fountain Poster




  1. Cat said,

    I love Italy, although I haven’t been to Rome in many, many years. Looks like you had a great time. 🙂

  2. carol herlihy said,

    Thanks for stopping by Cat.
    I did indeed have a great time, can’t wait to go back!

  3. Cat said,

    Are you planning on going back anytime soon then?

  4. Shadow and Sophie said,

    Where the heck are you????

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