April 11, 2007


Posted in Rome at 3:16 pm by carol

Tree at Borghese Gardens

I’m Back!!!

What can I say, except that
Rome is soooo beautiful!!

Just a pure delight to all your senses!

Your mind just reels at all the sights! The grandeur, the beauty, the age, the obvious love of life that has endured for centuries, this is what Rome said to me.

Many deep felt thank yous to my gracious hostess Sheilagh (who moved to Rome in ’06), who was kind enough to allow me to stay at her beautiful apartment, as well as serve as tour guide plus interpreter.  Thank goodness for her expertise in the native tongue! It came in so handy w/ Alitalia who lost my luggage; I did finally get it back…20 hours before I left to come back to the USA! (They will be getting a letter from me!)

As I decompress and get back to normal a floodgate of memories will come back to me, and of course I will share! I must admit that seeing the NYC skyline did fill me with a warm sense of its good to be home! My Garden here is calling my name, not to mention all the phone messages, etc.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you!

Ciao for now!


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