March 29, 2007


Posted in Rome at 3:03 am by carol

Roman garden

Off to Rome!!!  Yes it is true!

Off to the lovely city of Rome, Italy!

I leave on the 2nd of April and will be gone till the 11!

You know I will be taking LOTS of pictures. Please come back to look for them. I will be paying special attention to the gardens. Looking for inspiration for our Garden (we have big plans for our small footprint of mother earth). That’s not to say that I do not have a whole lot of Ideas already, as you will see. I must say that after a very hectic few months R & R is well needed and deserved, if I must say so myself. Can you think of a better place to go? Can you? Lets start a list…



  1. Alonso Giovanni said,

    Have a great time in Rome! Hope your trip is a great one where you’ll be inspired by what the city has to offer. We’ll miss you!

  2. Carol said,

    Thanks for the good wishes, Alonso!
    I am so looking forward to all the inspirations! Just wait till you see all my pictures! You too will be inspired!

  3. Patty said,

    Look at the beautiful moon, drink lots of tasty wine and don’t forget about Dave…and the break in the middle of the day to eat lots of Pasta!!! I make a great Pasta Fagioli! Lots of Love and Peace. Patty xoxo.

  4. herls said,

    Thanks so much Patty, I LOVE your suggestions! Will try to do all of them…maybe more….

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