March 27, 2007

Our Garden!

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11th Street Garden Sign

Our Garden…..Spring is in the air…..come grow with us!

Tony, D’arcy & Lori

D’arcy & I


Whew! What a whirlwind few days…

Went to the HUGE 

23rd Annual Green Thumb Grow Together Saturday, March 24th.WOW! What a turn out! You cannot believe how many people gave up their Saturday to come to this huge all day event. There was so much information and fun to be had by all. We got lots of great Ideas for our garden as well as some well need supplies. Thank You to all involved with this fabulous project. So with drive and a sense of purpose we  set off to start cleaning up our garden! What a powerhouse of a team we had. Many thanks go out to D’arcy, Lori, Tony & of course Claudia! You guys really shine! Nothing makes you feel so good, honest and humble like working the soil. Mother earth we honor you! We are so prepared to toil in the sun, knowing that we will enjoy your bounty in the shade. We have BIG Ideas for this humble garden….we will make it a magical oasis. Please join us on our adventure of discovery…our garden oasis in the concrete jungle.

Brick work

Brick work

Look at this beautiful brick work we uncovered!

Can you say Bar-B-Que??


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