March 23, 2007

LBJ & Clinton Inauguration Outfits

Posted in My Dollies at 1:00 am by carol

If you did not already know, I love my Dollies!!

One of my favorites is Myril B. I adore her!!

Look at this, a custom made coat & dress for her attendance to the LBJ Inauguration. The coat is fabulous! Not only did she pick the fabric, it also has a detachment on the bottom of the coat, to make it a “midi” (does anyone remember maxi, midi, mini options?).  She was shown on TV in this outfit as one of the “beautifully dressed people” in attendance. 

Ahh…the 60’s!

Myril will be 87 next Wednesday (April 4th 2007).

 Happy Birthday Myril!    And many more!

LBJ Outfit

LBJ outfit 2

Clinton Inaugural outfit. This one has some long slit up the side of the gown!!



  1. the satin dress and the jacket are divine!

  2. herls said,

    You are so right and the picture does not do them justice!

  3. Alonso Giovanni said,

    OMG! These are fabulous! Can we say deee-lovely?!
    Thanks for the updates, Carol. Keep up the awesome job!

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