March 31, 2007

Another Saturday with Gardeners…..

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MLT Meeting

Another Saturday spent with the gardeners, this time just the Manhattan Gardeners; sadly there are only 14 Community Gardens in all of Manhattan. I was shocked! Many have been developed into housing, it is a sad thing. I love to work in the dirt! Gardening is such a Zen kind of thing. You really feel so connected to the universe. The meeting was very informative and fun as well. Even though not as many people as there were at the Green Thumb Grow Together (on the 24th), it was great to be out with kindred spirits. The food was great and the prizes were wonderful, they even gave sunglasses away for work in the sunny gardens! Hope you had a great Saturday morning as well.


Bigger, Better Bottle Bill

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Bigger, Better Bottle Bill

It’s time for us to do our part; come on it will not hurt a bit!

As you may or may not know NY Gov. Spitzer proposed an increase in the allocation of funds for the Environmental Protection Fund to $250 million in FY 07-08. This will provide additional funding for NY’s land trusts, NYS Conservation Partnership grant program, as well as others. But this is contingent on the budgets inclusion of the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, which updates the existing law by including non carbonated beverages as well (water, Snapple, etc.) And providing that the funds revert back to the EPF, currently the bottlers and distributors keep it for themselves.

The Assembly agrees with the Governor that the updated bottle bill should be included in the budget but, the Senate does not. Without it, the increases for land trust grants and many other environmental programs will be in grave jeopardy.

We need to immediately urge the Senate to support the updated bottle bill!!

Please help now by calling your Senators Today!!!

Some of Manhattans Senators’ are;

Senator Martin Connor

212- 289- 5565

518- 455- 2625

Senator Bill Perkins


Senator Jose Serrano

518-455-2795    Did you know that in all of Manhattan there are only 14 CommunityGardens!!  With out this funding we cannot buy lots and convert them into community gardens, for all to enjoy. There are simply not enough green spaces for people to go to.

If you are not in Manhattan please call your local Senator.

Its just one phone call…..

March 29, 2007


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Roman garden

Off to Rome!!!  Yes it is true!

Off to the lovely city of Rome, Italy!

I leave on the 2nd of April and will be gone till the 11!

You know I will be taking LOTS of pictures. Please come back to look for them. I will be paying special attention to the gardens. Looking for inspiration for our Garden (we have big plans for our small footprint of mother earth). That’s not to say that I do not have a whole lot of Ideas already, as you will see. I must say that after a very hectic few months R & R is well needed and deserved, if I must say so myself. Can you think of a better place to go? Can you? Lets start a list…

March 27, 2007

Our Garden!

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11th Street Garden Sign

Our Garden…..Spring is in the air…..come grow with us!

Tony, D’arcy & Lori

D’arcy & I


Whew! What a whirlwind few days…

Went to the HUGE 

23rd Annual Green Thumb Grow Together Saturday, March 24th.WOW! What a turn out! You cannot believe how many people gave up their Saturday to come to this huge all day event. There was so much information and fun to be had by all. We got lots of great Ideas for our garden as well as some well need supplies. Thank You to all involved with this fabulous project. So with drive and a sense of purpose we  set off to start cleaning up our garden! What a powerhouse of a team we had. Many thanks go out to D’arcy, Lori, Tony & of course Claudia! You guys really shine! Nothing makes you feel so good, honest and humble like working the soil. Mother earth we honor you! We are so prepared to toil in the sun, knowing that we will enjoy your bounty in the shade. We have BIG Ideas for this humble garden….we will make it a magical oasis. Please join us on our adventure of discovery…our garden oasis in the concrete jungle.

Brick work

Brick work

Look at this beautiful brick work we uncovered!

Can you say Bar-B-Que??

March 23, 2007

LBJ & Clinton Inauguration Outfits

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If you did not already know, I love my Dollies!!

One of my favorites is Myril B. I adore her!!

Look at this, a custom made coat & dress for her attendance to the LBJ Inauguration. The coat is fabulous! Not only did she pick the fabric, it also has a detachment on the bottom of the coat, to make it a “midi” (does anyone remember maxi, midi, mini options?).  She was shown on TV in this outfit as one of the “beautifully dressed people” in attendance. 

Ahh…the 60’s!

Myril will be 87 next Wednesday (April 4th 2007).

 Happy Birthday Myril!    And many more!

LBJ Outfit

LBJ outfit 2

Clinton Inaugural outfit. This one has some long slit up the side of the gown!!

March 21, 2007

My Hero

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Happy 101 Anna!!

My Hero Anna Klinger, is 101 and still sharp as a tack!

I can only hope to be half as sharp as her at 101!

Can’t wait till next year for 102.

We love our friends….

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Bella Tile

We LOVE our friends over at Bella tile, so when we saw that they needed a little help in the warehouse in the organizing department we were right there. Come join in the adventure it will be fun if not fascinating. I love the dig! Prepare to get dirty.

Here we go….

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wet saw mess

Up at 5 am is one of the steps of highly successful and effective people. With the challenge that lies before us, we need both. So I was up at 5 and off to a breakfast meeting at 7. Then down into the basement we went, dust masks and gloves in hand. The Trifecta Team (Claudia, Tony & I) went to town! Pictures speak for themselves!! This is Phase One, what I like to call “Find the Floor”. We will be getting dusty for a while….a nice hot soak in a bubble bath sounds good about now. Can you taste the dust?

What a Day!

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neat wet saw



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boards before


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